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Woven Carpets: More Expensive, But Beautiful Products

Woven vs. Tufted: Are Woven Carpets Worth the Price?

Ken's Quick Answer:

It's true: Woven carpets are generally more expensive than tufted carpets. Generally, woven carpets are made of wool and their design is more intricate. We think this means that woven carpet is well worth the cost.

Ken's In-Depth Answer:

What is the difference between a woven and a tufted carpet? Why are woven carpets so expensive?

Let's cover tufted carpets first. Most tufted carpets are made in the American south. Yarn is pushed up through a backing, the top is sheared off, glue is added to the back and then a secondary backing is attached for stability.

Woven carpets, on the other hand, are normally made of wool and are made overseas. That gives two reasons for the higher price. Wool is a more expensive fiber and there is a cost to importing carpet products. Additionally, the labor cost and complex process of weaving (even though it's done by a machine) is more expensive than the process of tufting.

Woven carpets have a more intricate and interesting design than most tufted products. This is why so many people fall in love with the unique look of a woven carpet.

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If you're shopping for carpet and wondering why the woven carpet that you like so much is more expensive, now you know why. Even though it costs more to make, my opinion is that it is well worth the money. Here are two more examples of beautiful woven carpets below.

As we mentioned, most woven carpets are wool—here are 5 reasons to choose a wool carpet over synthetic. (In short, they're durable, natural and a good choice for allergies.) We've also explored some of the differences between British and New Zealand wool.

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