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Wide Carpet Widths: Avoid Ugly Seams in Larger Rooms

Ask Ken: I Hate Carpet Seams. Can I Buy an Extra-Wide Carpet Instead?

Ken's Quick Answer:

"It's not a 12' wide world anymore. You've got choices. Many mills have finely woven carpets that come 16' 4" wide. Ask your local showroom about extra-wide carpets!"

Ken's In-Depth Answer:

If you've ever bought carpet before, chances are you may think that almost all carpet comes in 12' widths. (Or, maybe you've encountered the rare inexpensive carpet that comes in both 12' and 15' widths.)

But what do you do if you have a room that's over 15' wide and you want to avoid seams? Particularly if you're dealing with a very fine woven carpet that makes seams look very conspicuous.

Well, now I'm happy to say that an inceasing number of carpets are being made 16'4" wide. In the video above, I show an example of a beautiful herringbone carpet from Kaleen. That Kaleen carpet is a fine woven carpet—meaning that its 16'4" wide width comes in handy for a great many rooms. (If you have a smaller space, don't worry. You can still order it in a standard 13'2" width.)

"I'm happy to say that an increasing number of carpets are being made 16'4" wide. This is particularly great news if you're picking a carpet with conspicuous seams—like a fine woven carpet."

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If you don't like seams, or if you want an area rug that's wider than 13'2", think about some of these mills that are making carpets on larger looms. It's not a 12' wide world anymore! You've got choices.

If you have any questions or want guidance on selecting wider carpets, don't hesitate to give us a call at 401-214-0285 or visit our showroom."

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