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Take Care of Your Floors

Ask Ken: Do Expensive Floors Last Longer?

Ken's Quick Answer:

"How you care for your floors will determine more about their longevity than any intrinsic quality of the product."

Ken's In-Depth Answer:

This episode of Ask Ken is all about tough love. We love our customers. That means we're going to tell you the truth.

In previous videos, I've discussed warranties on flooring. In case you missed it, I said "there isn't a warranty in the flooring business that's worth the paper it's written on." Harsh, but mostly true.

A lot of people ask me how their carpet will hold up. Or maybe how their wood floors or vinyl floors will hold up. The answer has more to do with how you care for your floors than anything about the product or how it's manufactured.

Instead of worrying about whether you purchased an ultra-durable product, simply follow some simple tips about how to care for your floors.

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So, how do you add years of life to your wood floors? Take off your shoes. That will prevent you from scratching and scuffing your floor. How about carpet? Same thing. Vacuuming regularly and getting it professionally cleaned will help tremendously.

Vinyl plank, which is one of the easiest products to maintain, can still scratch and gouge. It's not impervious to everything. The only thing that's tremendously durable is porcelain tile. Here's the problem: Porcelain is expensive and not appropriate for all situations. (Remember, tile is cold and hard.) It can also be a bit overkill.

The fact of the matter is that most floors you can buy will do just fine. You'll greatly extend the life of your floor by taking care of them, following the manufacturer's guidelines, and using common sense.

When it comes to the question of how your floor is going to perform, here's a little tough love for you. Take care of your floors.

If you have any questions about taking care of your floors and adding years of life to your product, don't hesitate to give us a call at 401-214-0285 or visit our showroom."

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About Ken: Ken Fain is the co-owner of Island Carpet in Middletown, RI and a floorcovering veteran of more than 40 years. His popular 'Ask Ken' video series answers common flooring questions on a variety of topics. It has reached thousands of viewers on both YouTube and Facebook.

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