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Stanton’s Same Great Rug Styles: Half the Price of Custom Broadloom
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Get the same design-forward Stanton carpet patterns—at about half the price of custom broadloom. With about 100 area rug styles to choose from, you have access to a wide selection of hand-loomed looks. Best of all, these rugs are stocked by Stanton in Calhoun, GA which allows for fast shipping of 7-14 days. You also get a nice selection of sizes as many styles come in 6'x9', 8'x10', 9'x12', and 10'x14'.

Browse Stocked Area Rugs
For a full list, call (401) 214-0285

Bedford Cord Beige Stanton Rug Swatch

Bedford Cord Beige

Bedford Cord Ivory Stanton Rug Swatch

Bedford Cord Ivory

Boston Bay Admiral Stanton Rug Swatch

Boston Bay Admiral

Boston Bay Classic Blue Square Stanton Rug Swatch

Boston Bay Classic Blue

Boston Bay Fossil Stanton Rug Swatch

Boston Bay Fossil

Cable Beach Metal Stanton Rug Swatch

Cable Beach Metal

Cable Beach Moss Stanton Rug Swatch

Cable Beach Moss

Cable Beach Sand Stanton Rug Swatch

Cable Beach Sand

Cable Beach Taupe Stanton Rug Swatch

Cable Beach Taupe

Couture Dove Stanton Rug Swatch

Couture Dove

Couture Oxford Stanton Rug Swatch

Couture Oxford

Couture Smoke Stanton Rug Swatch

Couture Smoke

Deva Defined Lagoon Stanton Rug Swatch

Deva Defined Lagoon

Deva Defined Pumice Stanton Rug Swatch

Deva Defined Pumice

Hermosa Cobalt Stanton Rug Swatch

Hermosa Cobalt

Hermosa Ivory Stanton Rug Swatch

Hermosa Ivory

Kariba Lakeside Stanton Rug Swatch

Kariba Lakeside

Kariba Wheat Stanton Rug Swatch

Kariba Wheat

Karna Country Sage Stanton Rug Swatch

Karna Country Sage

Karna Burnt Orange Stanton Rug Swatch

Karna Burnt Orange

Las Palmas Ocean Stanton Rug Swatch

Las Palmas Ocean

Las Palmas Parchment Stanton Rug Swatch

Las Palmas Parchment

Padma Cloud Stanton Rug Swatch

Padma Cloud

Padma Sky Stanton Rug Swatch

Padma Sky

Privee Prisma Canvas Stanton Rug Swatch

Privee Prisma Canvas

Privee Prisma Fog Stanton Rug Swatch

Privee Prisma Fog

Privee Prisma Shell Stanton Rug Swatch

Privee Prisma Shell

Shazia Stripe Slate Stanton Rug Swatch

Shazia Stripe Slate

Shazia Stripe Flint Stanton Rug Swatch

Shazia Stripe Flint

Soliman Bay Ocean Stanton Rug Swatch

Soliman Bay Ocean

Soliman Bay Sand Stanton Rug Swatch

Soliman Bay Sand

Sonata Onyx Stanton Rug Swatch

Sonata Onyx

Sonata Platinum Stanton Rug Swatch

Sonata Platinum

Tattersall Shadow Stanton Rug Swatch

Tattersall Shadow

Tattersall Heather Grey Stanton Rug Swatch

Tattersall Heather Grey

Tattersall Raindrop Stanton Rug Swatch

Tattersall Raindrop

Ticking Stripe Shadow Stanton Rug Swatch

Ticking Stripe Shadow

Ticking Stripe Midnight Stanton Rug Swatch

Ticking Stripe Midnight

Varkala Earth Stanton Rug Swatch

Varkala Earth

Varkala Ivory Stanton Rug Swatch

Varkala Ivory

What In-Stock Rugs Styles Are Available?

Stanton has about 100 pre-cut rug styles, many of which we have listed above for convenience. You’ll notice that these rugs come in a number of different materials including wool, New Zealand wool, natural fibers (like sisal and jute) as well as synthetic. The majority of these patterns have a beautiful hand-loomed look—exactly the same quality as their Stanton broadloom counterparts.

If you live in southeastern New England, be sure to visit our Middletown showroom to see our rack of Stanton pre-cut rugs in person. Otherwise, feel free to browse the styles above and we can ship any rugs you want to your home. In either case, please feel free to fill out our online form or call our showroom at (401) 214-0285 with any questions, including inquiring about a complete list of all available rugs.

Do You Ship Stanton Pre-Cut Rugs?

Yes, we can ship Stanton pre-cut rugs to anywhere in the continental United States. Best of all, we have access to special dealer pricing—allowing for additional savings on these high-end rugs. No matter where you live in the country, we can ship Stanton in-stock rugs straight to your door. Depending on the size, these rugs do incur shipping charges but we are happy to give you a free quote on any Stanton rug before your purchase.

Are Stanton In-Stock Rugs Priced Well?

The cost savings of Stanton in-stock rugs are significant when compared to the cost of making the exact same rug out of custom broadloom. In fact, an area rug made from a broadloom carpet roll would cost about 2-3 times more than these pre-cut rugs. There are a few reasons for this. First, creating custom rugs from broadloom results in at least some amount of material waste. Additionally, pre-cut rugs are already bound and cut (as the name implies) so there isn’t any labor required.

What’s the Next Step?

Whether you have a specific rug in mind, need help selecting, or just have general questions about Stanton’s pre-cut rugs, we’re always happy to talk. Simply fill out our free estimate form or give us a call at (401) 214-0285. Additionally, if you happen to live near our Middletown showroom, you can check out our Stanton in-stock rugs rack in person!