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Beautiful & Bespoke Stair Runners

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At Island Carpet, every home is different and every job is custom. When it comes to stair runners for your home, we have thousands of elegant designs, colors, materials and bindings to choose from. We can cut your carpet to perfectly fit your stairs and any surrounding hallways.

Please see a variety of room scenes below from clients who we’ve worked with in the past. We’ve done vast staircases for clients with mansions, illuminated stairs on boats, custom-cut runners for curved stairs, installed durable synthetic and wool carpets for those with pets and much more.

Natural Fibers & Synthetic Sisal

Sisal stair carpet with white stairs
Green natural fiber stair carpet
Sisal carpet navy blue binding full staircase
Sisal stair carpet bright red binding
Sisal stair carpet navy blue binding and octopus painting
Gold stair carpet narrow binding

Multi-Color Patterns

Green and white subtle pattern stair carpet
Black and white pattern stair carpet with dog
Gold black geometric pattern stair carpet
Gray pattern stair carpet
Gray and white gray circular geometric stair carpet
White and blue pattern stair carpet

Subtle Pattern

Gray subtle pattern carpet with blue wallpaper
Subtle line pattern navy blue stair carpet
Elegant white and gray stair carpet with subtle pattern

Single Color

Tan carpet on elegant staircase
Gray stair carpet
White stair carpet
Navy blue stair carpet gray binding
Tan carpet single color elegant staircase
Gray loop stair carpet

Animal Print Stair Carpet

Gray Dotted Animal Print Stair Carpet
Blue Leopard Stair Carpet
Blue Leopard Stair Carpet Hallway
Dark Gray Leopard Stair Carpet
Leopard Stair Carpet
Black and Tan Zebra Stair Carpet

Bold Patterns

Teal and white striped stair carpet
Red and Gold striped stair carpet
Bold gray and white geometric pattern

Why Choose Stair Carpet?

Bare stairs in your home can be slippery and wear more quickly over time. We had one client with bare stairs in Providence whose dog fell down the stairs and injured its leg. As you can imagine, she was eager to put stair carpet down after that. If you’re worried about children, pets, or an elderly family member getting hurt on the stairs, carpet will generally reduce the frequency and severity of falls.

A second reason to install stair carpet is that it adds beauty to your home. For instance, if you want to add a coastal feel, you could install a sisal (or synthetic sisal) stair carpet with navy blue binding. As you might expect, these custom coastal looks are very popular in Newport, Middletown, Portsmouth and Jamestown. At Island Carpet, we are happy to work with you to choose the right color and design to match your existing decor. We have plenty of room scenes above that can serve as some initial inspiration.

What Types of Stair Carpets Do You Sell?

When it comes to stair carpet, if you can dream it, we very likely have it. Our Middletown showroom and online catalog have literally thousands of carpets to choose from. Whether you’re thinking of a natural material (like sisal, seagrass or jute) a wool carpet, or a synthetic carpet, we have all types of colors and designs available.

We’ve installed carpets with animal prints, unique multi-color designs, carpet with stars and stripes, elegant wool carpets with distinctive patterns and everything in between.

Do You Add Binding to Your Stairs?

One of the essential elements of stair carpet is the binding. If you want to add personality to your stair carpet, we have an almost unlimited number of bold binding colors to choose from. You can also choose between narrow bindings and wide bindings.

Why Choose Island Carpet for Stair Carpet?

Island Carpet knows how to do your stairs right. We’ve worked with premium wool and sisal products for many years on almost every type of staircase. We also know how to hide the staples so that you get an elegant and bespoke look. At Island Carpet, every installer that we work with is a craftsman we’ve trusted with stair carpet work for several years. It’s one of the reasons that we’ve won Best of Newport for Flooring for 8 straight years.

What’s the Next Step?

We give every client a free measure and quote for their stairs as a first step. You can schedule your free estimate over the phone at (401) 214-0285 or through our online form.

During this meeting, we can discuss an installation plan and what types of carpet could work best for your space. Either before or after this measure, you can visit our Middletown showroom or browse our online carpet catalog and take a look at thousands of carpet options. Our team is more than happy to offer you design advice specific to your home.

If you have any questions on carpet selection, please feel free to watch our video on the 5 tips for selecting the right floor.


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