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Linear Shower Drains: The Key to Beautiful & Safe Bathrooms

Ask Ken: Why are Linear Drains So Exciting for Bathroom Design?

Ken's Quick Answer:

"They may seem boring on the surface, but linear drains allow you to have a style-friendly open floorplan in your bathroom. Functionally, they also work great for elderly people and others who are seeking an ADA-compliant bathroom."

Ken's In-Depth Answer:

Today, I want to talk to you about shower drains. Particularly, what we call linear drains. In the video above, I show you an example of this type of drain. I can see your eyes glazing over. Don't get bored yet! They're revolutionary and allow you to have a wider style choice in your bathroom.

You may have noticed that with a conventional shower pan, you'll need to use very small tiles on the floor. That's because small tiles are required to conform to the slope of the pan. An ordinary shower pan won't take large tiles.

But something is happening in bathrooms now. It's the same thing that's happening in the rest of the house: People are looking for a more open floor plan. If they like the tile that they're using in the rest of the bathroom, why not continue using it right into the shower? With linear shower drains, no transitions or small tiles are required.

That's what makes linear drains exciting. They can fit into what is essentially a flat shower pan that gets a slight tilt towards one wall. At that point, all the water is going to drain on that slope to the linear drain.

"As long as your bathroom allows it, linear drains make your bathroom more accessible and eliminate the need for the traditional curb."

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As I mentioned, this allows you to take those same large tiles that you're using on the bathroom floor and run them right into the shower. This is also important for safety reasons—there's less of a tripping hazard! You can even roll a wheelchair in, making it a great option for elderly people and those looking for an ADA-compliant shower. There's no more curb separating the shower from the bathroom floor.

Linear drains come in all different styles, colors, and finishes. It's a great way to make your shower contemporary and give you that nice open feel in the bathroom. So if you have the opportunity and your bathroom will permit it, talk to your plumber and contractor about using a linear drain in your shower.

If you have any questions about bathroom design and linear drains, don't hesitate to give us a call at 401-214-0285 or visit our showroom.

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