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Nobody Wants Carpet Anymore, Except for Bedrooms

Ask Ken: If Carpet is Truly Dying, Should I Ever Choose it for My Home?

Ken's Quick Answer:

"The imminent demise of carpet is upon us. But there's one last outpost for carpet: The bedroom. Why? It's less likely to get dirty and everyone wants something warm and fuzzy under their feet when they wake up in the morning."

Ken's In-Depth Answer:

I've been working in the flooring industry for 40 years. Almost every year, I've been hearing the same story over and over again. Everybody is lamenting the imminent demise of carpet. Nobody wants carpet anymore!

Instead of carpet, people will choose wood, tile, or luxury vinyl plank. Frankly, it's easier to maintain and keep clean. You don't have the same durability issues. I understand all that. However, there is one place in your home where I think carpet should be king. That's the bedroom.

"How do you want to feel when you get out of bed in the morning? Do you want to put your feet on a cold floor? That's the real question."

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Typically, by the time you're entered the front door and climbed the stairs, most of the debris is off your feet. You won't have as much mud and dirt once you reach the upper hall and the bedroom. Therefore, chances are that you'll be able to keep a bedroom carpet cleaner than carpets in the rest of the house.

The real virtue of having carpet in the bedroom is that it's soft and warm. How do you want to feel when you get out of bed in the morning? Do you want to put your feet on a cold floor? That's the real question.

That's why I believe in carpet for the bedroom. I also understand that you'll be covering up most of that carpet with a bed. (I have tried for years to get the manufacturers to agree to make horseshoe-shaped carpet, but they've told me to go and take a hike!)

Regardless, carpet in a bedroom is a wonderful thing. It's beautiful, it's warm. It has tremendous decorative value. The bedroom is the last refuge and outpost of carpet in your house. In that context, I think it's still a great choice.

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