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Flooring Quick Tips: Carpet, Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl Tile

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    1. Flooring Tip #89: Particle Board & Hardwood Floors

      Is your old carpet laid over particle board? If you want a new wood floor, you need to remember that particle board can’t hold nails.

      1. Flooring Tip #23: Save Your Wet Carpet

        Soggy carpet? Don’t throw it out! Here are Ken’s tips for saving your floor if insurance won’t cover the damage.

        1. Flooring Tip #45: Taking Our Time

          In order to nail your flooring installation, we usually plan for a full-day project—no matter how much flooring is being installed.

          1. Flooring Tip #6: Avoid ‘Trampoline’ Carpet

            Believe it or not, choosing the wrong pad could ruin your elegant woven carpet installation. Ken tells you his tip to avoiding this pitfall.

            1. Flooring Tip #28: Floormergency? Call Your Trusted Retailer

              Do no harm: If you rip, zip, stain, pull or otherwise mutilate your floor—call your trusted retailer.

              1. Flooring Tip #20: Woven Carpet Edges

                Don’t let your beautiful woven carpet unravel! For especially bulky yarns, add an extra shoe molding.

                1. Flooring Tip #30: Dust

                  Think about dust mitigation! Especially with hardwood and tile removal, use plastic protection and consider zipper walls.

                  1. Flooring Tip #32: Woven Carpet Binding

                    Your beautiful new woven carpet won’t last very long if you buy the wrong binding. Make sure you ask for a binding that’s at least 1.25” wide so your carpet doesn’t unravel.

                    1. Quick Tip #94: Linear Carpet Patterns

                      Sometimes, carpets have a "direction." This is particularly true of carpets that have a strong linear pattern. Make sure your retailer knows how you want to carpet laid out before you place your order.

                      1. Quick Tip #93: Shiny Carpet

                        If you want a little bling with your carpet, make sure to avoid evil fibers like viscose and Tencel! Instead, choose durable nylon or polysilk highlights.

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