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Featured Products

Ken's Favorite Products

One of Island Carpet's guiding principles is to give customers an incredible selection of products to choose from. In this series, Ken Fain picks out some of his best performing and favorite flooring products. But be warned: We can have some unqiue style choices!

Ep. 6: Soho Studio: Hermosa Prado 9x9 Tile

Its look is based off of tiles that were popular "100 years ago or more."

Ep. 5: Freshwater Pearl 3D Brick Tile

"It looks like something you'd find under a muddy rock somewhere."

Ep. 4: Provenza Hardwood: Herringbone

"Allows for more excitment than simply laying things straight or on a diagonal."

Ep. 3: Cushioned Vinyl Boat Flooring

"These cushioned-vinyl products are waterproof, stain resistant and UV resistant!"

Ep. 2: Winchester Tile Collections

"If you like the English handmade look, this is the real thing."

Ep. 1: Hopkins Carpet by Prestige Mills

"You're going to have a colorful abstract canvas on your floor."