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Safety and Stair Carpets

ASK KEN - EP. 8:

Are stair carpets safer for my dog?

Ken's Quick Answer:

"Stair carpeting can make stairs less slippery and reduce injury risk for dogs, children and older people. It also helps protect the stairs!"

Ken's In-Depth Answer:

"Most of my best clients for stair carpet are dogs. Like my new friend, Grace, who visited the showroom for this episode! Grace is a great dane who belongs to the Island Carpet bookkeeper, Debbie.

I had a client the other week who we did a large stair job for because her bulldog fell down the stairs and almost broke a leg. Stair carpet is really important for dogs. It's also important for children and older people to keep them from falling down the stairs or to reduce the severity of their fall.

Stair carpet also protects the stairs. Without carpet, the risers can get scratched and the stairs get dirty. They don't look good after a while.

A nice stair carpet in a beautiful pattern or color can really become a design statement in your house. It can make a drab, ordinary staircase something special.

So if you have a dog like Grace, come to Island Carpet, Tile & Hardwood and we'll find the perfect carpet for your stairs.