Blowout Specials

Blowout Specials:

Overstocked on select items! Come in today or give us a call to reserve your order. Product selection last updated July 8, 2019. First come, first serve. Subject to change.

Blowout Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) Specials:

COREtec Plus Ankara Travertine LVT

COREtec Plus - Ankara Travertine LVT

Price: $210

Square Feet: 64'

Package: 2 Boxes

Hushcore Vinyl Plank Clear Pearl

Hushcore - Clear Pearl LVP

Price: $177

Square Feet: 69'

Package: 3 Boxes

COREtec Plus Fresco Driftwood

COREtec Plus HD - Fresco Driftwood LVP

Price: $207

Square Feet: 63'

Package: 3 Boxes

Uptown Chic LVT

Uptown Chic LVT

Price: $249

Square Feet: 100'

Package: Call for Info

COREtec One Adelaide Walnut Plank

COREtec One - Adelaide Walnut LVP

Price: $378

Square Feet: 190'

Package: 6 Boxes

Fusion Hybrid Smoked Oak LVP

Fusion Hybrid - Smoked Oak LVP

Price: $194

Square Feet: 78'

Package: 4 Boxes

Blowout Carpet Tile Specials:

Red Carpet Tiles

Price: $480

Square Feet: 480'

Package: 120 Tiles

Gray Carpet Tiles

Price: $90

Square Feet: 90'

Package: 40 Tiles

Hushcore Vinyl Plank Clear Pearl

Gray/Brown Carpet Tiles

Price: $54

Square Feet: 54'

Package: 24 Tiles

COREtec Plus Fresco Driftwood

Taupe Carpet Tiles

Price: $80

Square Feet: 81'

Package: 36 Tiles

Blowout Tile Specials:

American Olean Tile

Price: $315

Square Feet: 315'

Package: 21 Cartons

Hushcore Vinyl Plank Clear Pearl

Cream Hexagonal Diamond Mosaic Wall Tile

Price: $30

Sheet Size: 12" x 10.5"

Sheets: 6 Sheets

COREtec Plus Fresco Driftwood

Travertine Tile

Price: $549.99

Square Feet: 270'

Package: 28 Cartons

Blowout Wood Specials:

2 1/4" White Oak Unfinished

Price: $599

Square Feet: 214'

Package: 14 Bundles