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'Keep Up with the Carpets'

Funny videos, why choose us, and more.

    1. Carpet Whodunit: Vanishing Hues

      Ken searches for colors of old in this classic carpet noir. Hunter Green? Dusty Rose? They’ve been missing for 15 years. Can detective Ken solve the case?

      1. Seagull Saga at Island Carpet

        Forget The Raven! Meet our unintended seagull mascot Jonathan.

        1. Happy 70th B-DAY to Greg Canale

          Thanks to everyone who made Greg’s 70/30 party at Ragged Island in Portsmouth so special.

          1. Royal Duties of a Carpet King

            Carpet King Ken Fain tries his hand at installing a 16-foot wide hand-loomed rug.

            1. Ketchup Stain on Ken's Rug!

              Who got ketchup on Ken’s beloved Antrim rug?! Was it mischievous Maggie? Was it crafty Abby?

              1. "We've Been Hoarders": Showroom Renovation

                It's true: We like flooring samples too much. Now, the whole team is pitching in to clean up and renovate the showroom.

                1. I've Died & Gone to Heaven: Ken's New Warehouse

                  Learn the story of Island Carpet’s new warehouse and what it means for the business moving forward.

                  1. Ken & Greg Play Football

                    The Patriots vs. Bills rivalry continues! Ken and Greg give away free tickets and Ken cheats to win the Island Carpet Bowl of 2022.