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Luxurious & Durable Carpet in Rhode Island

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Selecting Carpet: Think Function, Price, Color, Style  

Carpet has thousands of options and it can be hard to know where to start. Here's the decision tree we always follow: function, price, color, and style. If you ask a few basic questions and follow that sequence, you can't go wrong.


Why Choose Island Carpet?

At Island Carpet, every home is different and every floor is custom. We offer the largest selection of carpet on Aquidneck Island and our installers are trusted craftsmen who we've worked with for decades. We are proud to serve the areas of Middletown, RI, Newport, RI, Portsmouth, RI, Jamestown, RI, Tiverton, RI, Little Compton, RI, and Bristol, RI, as well as everywhere in southeastern New England. Visit our Middletown showroom to learn more and see our huge selection of all types of flooring.

Get a Free Quote: (401) 214-0285

Sisal carpet stair runner with bright red binding

Island Carpet specializes in custom stair runners and hallways featuring custom binding

Are Woven Carpets Worth the Extra Cost?

Woven carpets are often made of wool and their design is more intricate. We think this means that woven carpet is well worth the cost.

However, if you're looking for a lower price point, tufted carpets can be a great option for your home.

Which Carpet Fibers Offer the Best Stain Protection?

Don't trust warranties. If you want to get ahead on possible carpet stains, we recommend looking closely at two types of fibers: Mohawk's SmartStrand and any solution-dyed carpet.

How do these fibers work? SmartStrand uses nanotechnology that encapsulates the fiber to prevent the stain from penetrating the outer coating. With solution-dyed carpet, the color goes all the way through the fiber, much like a carrot.

6 Benefits of Wool Carpet Compared to Synthetic

There are many benefits to wool carpets, including that they are durable, a fire retardant, and environmentally friendly. You should avoid them, however, if you are especially concerned about stains.

2 Reasons to Choose Synthetic Carpet Over Wool

Wool is a wonderful fiber in many, many ways. But if you want the most luxurious and softest carpet, look for nylon. The same goes for pure white carpets.

3 Things to Know About Sisal Carpet: A Beautiful, Frustrating Product

Sisal carpets are beautiful products that come with a litany of annoyances. But, fear not: There are 'fake' sisals that are dimensionally stable, stain-resistant, and cleanable.

If you want the real sisal, you've got to take the bad with the good.

Are Stair Carpets Safer for Pets, Kids, and the Elderly?

I had a client the other week who we did a large stair job for because her bulldog fell down the stairs and almost broke a leg. Stair carpet is really important for dogs. It's also important for children and older people to reduce their chances of falling down the stairs.

Stair carpet also protects the stairs. Without carpet, the risers can get scratched and the stairs get dirty. They don't look good after a while.

Buyer Beware About Shiny Viscose and Tencel Carpets

Yes, viscose and Tencel are design-oriented and can give you a beautiful and unique look. However, caveat emptor—buyer beware. These materials are made from wood pulp which makes them very difficult to clean and maintain. That's putting it generously.

Carpets Aren't Hamburgers: Stop Caring About Once Weights

Ounce weight doesn't have anything to do with standing up to wear and tear. Don't listen to the story that they tell you at the big box store.

So what does make a difference in terms of carpet quality? First, you should ask: How tightly is the carpet woven or tufted? How close together are the fibers? A tighter carpet weave, for instance, leads to increased durability.


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